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Welcome to

Vista Verde Lodge

The hotel inside Cloud Forest

Enjoy the natural paradise of Monte Verde from within.



All our rooms are fully equipped with a private bathroom and can hold up to 4 people each. Breakfast included!





With 250 acres of land, Vista Verde Lodge sets apart for its astonishing location, in the middle of Cloud Forest. You will enjoy the virgin land of Monte Verde without leaving the hotel, and relax to the silent sound of birds and wind.

We also have a private waterfall.

Tico Flavour

Enjoy traditional Costa Rican food in our restaurant, such as the famous Casado, and of course our delicious tropical fruits.

Tico Flavour

All vegetables and fruits used in the hotel are grown in our family’s permaculture farm, where we produce all the coffee we consume as well. If you are interested in reducing your environmental footprint and coffee production, you can read more in the activities section.

Discover "Pura Vida" in this natural paradise.

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