There are plenty of things you can do around. Not for nothing Monteverde is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica, by foreigners and by locals. You have the opportunity to enjoy nature in as many ways as you can think of, and in the hotel we can assess you to the best ones and make the reservations for you!

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The Golden Bean

Coffee Tour

You can’t leave Monteverde without visiting a traditional farm and learn about costa rican coffee. Up until recently it was the main source of income for many families, and people from around the world love it for a reason. Cultivated in the mountain, 100% arabica and without chemicals, costa rican coffee will make you fall in love with it (if you weren’t already).

At the lodge you will have a taste of our own permaculture ecological coffee, and of course you can visit the farm if you want!

Meet Hermida, an alltime farmer that will show you all the perks you should know about!

vista verde lodge coffeetour

For Adrenaline Lovers