The Restaurant

Enjoy the best views in Monteverde from our restaurant, where you will be able to discover costa rican traditional food such us Casado, or have good all time comfort food like chicken fajitas. 

There’s also the option to book in advance for big groups. See below for more info!

restaurant at vista verde lodge
vista verde lodge breakfast


Start the day at full energy with our breakfast. Traditional “gallo pinto” (rice with black beans), eggs your way, toasts, pancakes, fresh fruit or juice… Your choice.

While in Costa Rica, you have to try our coffee. You will understand why it’s famous all around the world. 100% Arabica, freshly ground every morning, and traditionally grown in our family farm. You can drink all you want!

A Good Start

The Best


The Best



Have a taste of tico cuisine.

Since almost everything we consume is grown in our farm, products will vary from one time of the year to another, but they will always be 100% fresh and 100% ecological! 

Our regular menu is not extensive, but we do have seasonal extras so ask for them!

And if you just want some comfort food like pasta, we got you covered. And if you have any dietary restrictions or you want any specific dish, just tell us in advance.

À la carte

Group Specials

Previous reservation only, you can organize a group dinner with us. Personalized menu.