The Lodge

The Lodge

If there is something that makes Vista Verde Lodge special, it has to be its location. The hotel is in the middle of Cloud Forest, one of the most important natural parks in the world. Stay with us and relax to the silent noise of wind, birds and rain while you explore pure nature from within.


Costa Rica is a little country that extends to no more than 0.05% of world’s land, but it holds almost 6% of earth’s biodiversity. Monte Verde shelters half of that amount in its virgin forests. 

One of the most important reserves here is:

Cloud Forest

Hazy mist, trailing foliage, and the mysterious call of rare birds. It sounds like something from a fantasy or adventure film, but this dream world can be found in Monteverde, Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest.

It takes its name from their very literal nature. Often taking the form of fog, low-hanging clouds hover around the upper canopy of the forest. The sky essentially comes down to the forest, enabling you to actually walk through the clouds, something you will be doing just by walking from your room to our restaurant.

Experience Nature

Pure Wildlife

While the lucky ones will get to see the amazing Resplendent Quetzal, pacient people will be able to see coatis while drinking their morning coffee. One thing is for sure, waking up to the sound of birds is something to remember, but going to bed to the sound of frogs is something to tell!

No Footprint

Ecological Hotel

We are aware of the surroundings and we have reduced our ecological footprint to almost 0. 

Off The Grid

We produce our own energy with a turbine set in the waterfall of our property. It produces all we need, actually the excess is used to heat up the water! 

Food waste is used to feed the animals and to make compost. We give back as much as we can to mother nature.

Permaculture Products

Almost all the food we consume at the hotel comes from our own production; some of it is grown in the greenhouse down the front garden. The other is produced in our permaculture family farm nearby, which you can visit if you want. 

Golden Coffee

Also coming from our family farm, our coffee is grown in a completely sustainable way, free from pesticides and following traditional rotation on the land. You will love it as soon as you taste it, but we are prepared. Visit our farm and learn why costa rican coffee is famous all around the world, and of course, you can bring some to your loved ones.