The Lodge

Vista Verde Lodge

Vista Verde Lodge is located in the Monteverde cloud forest. A Costa Rican, family-run unique ecological resort in existence since the ’90s. On location, there are eight deluxe rooms, a restaurant and bar, a permaculture greenhouse, and a beautiful 65-foot waterfall. The resort is carbon neutral, deriving all its electricity from a hydroelectric generator installed in the waterfall, and water for the lodge comes from the natural springs. Most of the fruits and vegetables that you will enjoy in the restaurant come from the nearby permaculture family farm.

The delicious organic 100% pure arabica coffee served is also produced on the family farm.

A tranquil environment immersed in nature from where you can enjoy spectacular unparalleled views of Arenal volcano and lake.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest

Costa Rica is a small country occupying only 0.05% of the earth’s landmass, however, it holds almost 6% of the earth’s biodiversity. Monteverde shelters half of that amount in its primary forests.

These rare and spectacular forests only occur in certain conditions within tropical and sub-tropical environments. Only at high altitudes where very specific atmospheric conditions permit for a consistent cover of clouds. Only 1% of global woodland are cloud forests.

The special environment has nurtured a very rich and diverse plant and animal ecosystem. Home to over 1,200 species of amphibians and reptiles, including venomous and non-venomous snakes, frogs and toads. In total a 100 species of mammals, including howler and capuchin monkeys, sloths, tapir, deer and 5 species of cats.

Vista Verde lodge is strategically placed amongst the various protected parks and reserves. In addition, the cloud forest can be experienced on our own waterfall trail. The magical experience of walking through the clouds, is something you will be doing just by walking from your room to our restaurant.


Off-grid Eco Hotel

Vista Verde Lodge produces 100% of the electricity from a hydroelectric generator powered by a waterfall located on our property. Our hot water on the property is also heated from it. Because we love to be eco…!

Food waste is used to feed the animals and to make compost. We give back as much as we can to mother nature.


Permaculture Farm

Almost all fruits and vegetables which you will consume at the lodge are grown on our organic permaculture farm.


Golden Coffee

The coffee you will drink at the lodge is grown in a completely sustainable way, free from pesticides and using traditional crop rotation methods. Visit our farm and learn why Costa Rican coffee is famous all around the world, and of course, you can take some home to share with your loved ones.

Enjoy the beautiful nature in Monteverde

Costa Rica is definitely a country where you can find lots of beautiful plants and animals. In addition to this, every region of the country has it’s own unique ecosystem. Due to the geography and climate, Monteverde has some unique species of wildlife, plants and flowers which are only found in this area. For example the famous hollow Ficus tree.